Childcare Request

In an effort to provide support to the Omaha area healthcare community during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Metro Omaha Medical Society is working to assist healthcare providers in acquiring childcare. The Metro Omaha Medical Society is working to identify local nursing, medical school and education students as well as early childhood and elementary education providers willing to provide temporary childcare services to area healthcare providers during this difficult time.

If you are in need of a childcare provider, please complete the form below. The Metro Omaha Medical Society will connect you with any applicants that match your needs in terms of availability, services, etc. and will provide you the contact information of any applicants matching your need.  The interviewing process, employment decision, compensation negotiations and identification of duties will occur between the hiring healthcare provider and applicant.

The Metro Omaha Medical Society has the ability to conduct a background check at the request of the healthcare provider.  Please contact us for details.