The Nebraska Credentials Verification Organization (NCVO) provides comprehensive credentialing to ensure that participating providers meet specific standards of professional qualification. NCVO performs the distinct labor-intensive process of the verification of a practitioners credentials and acts as a “clearinghouse” for the collection, verification and distribution of the practitioner’s information for its contracted entities.

Both programs, Initial Staff Appointment/Membership and Reappointment, follow the Joint Commission and NCQA standards for primary source verification. Major Nebraska State organizations have endorsed the Universal Provider Application for Initial Staff Appointment, which was created through NCVO, as well as the “universal” Provider Reappointment Application, Initial Allied Health Professional application and Reappointment Allied Health Application. These application forms include the core data elements essential for hospital and managed care credentialing which the accrediting bodies require.

NCVO only gathers information and provides verification of the practitioners’ credentials. No value judgment or evaluations are made of the information collected or documented. The entities receive true and exact copies of the information gathered through a method of transmittal agreed upon between the parties. The services provided by NCVO are not intended to replace or substitute the role of the health care entity, which is to evaluate applicants, make recommendations and award membership or privileges.