Board of Directors



Executive Committee

  • John Peters, MD

  • Richard Lund, MD

  • Travis Teetor, MD

  • Lindsay Northam, MD

    Immediate Past-President

Board Members

  • Alëna Balasanova, MD

    Chair - Early Career Physicians
  • Kelly Caverzagie, MD

    Co-Chair - Legislative
  • Andrew Coughlin, MD

    Member at Large
  • Donna Faber, MD

    Member at Large
  • Linda Ford, MD

    Chair - Public Relations
  • Gary Gorby, MD

    Member at Large
  • Courtney Hellman, MD

    Chair - Membership
  • William Lowndes, MD

    Member at Large
  • Sara May

    Member at Large
  • Kris McVea, MD

    Chair - Public Health
  • William Orr, MD

    Chair - Retired Physicians
  • Sasha Shillcutt, MD

    Chair - Women in Medicine
  • Steven Wengel, MD

    Chair - Task Force on Physician Burnout
  • Rowen Zetterman, MD

    Co-Chair - Legislative
  • Heather Zimmerman, MD

    Member at Large

Ex-Officio Members

  • Audrey Paulman, MD

    Editor, Physicians Bulletin
  • Deb Esser, MD

    President, MOMS Foundation
  • Peter Whitted

    Medical Director, NCVO
  • David Filipi, MD

    Douglas County Board of Health
  • David Watts, MD

    MOMS Representative, NMA Board
  • Robert Dunlay, MD

    Dean, Creighton University School of Medicine
  • Jeffrey Gold, MD

    Chancellor, University of Nebraska School of Medicine
  • Bradley Britigan, MD / James Gigantelli, MD

    Dean, University of Nebraska School of Medicine
  • Brad Hall, MD

    UNMC House Officer Representative
  • Kevin Brittan / Brad Graefe

    Student Representative, Creighton University School of Medicine
  • Taylor Kratochvil

    Student Representative, University of Nebraska School of Medicine
  • Cynthia Paul, MD

    Nebraska Psychiatric Society
  • Carol Wang

    Executive Director