Leadership Opportunities In a Changing Health Care Environment

Chair, MOMS Membership Committee

I remember when I was first approached about being on the Membership Committee for MOMS. This was approximately 4-5 years ago. My first thought was, “Of course, I would love to help with membership. Who doesn’t want to support MOMS?” Then, at my first membership committee meeting, it became clear to me that the changing landscape of medicine is affecting MOMS membership. It is simply not enough to be THE Metro Omaha Medical Society. MOMS has to start looking at the value proposition of membership. Personal budgets are tight, more physicians are working for less money, more physicians enjoy less immediate control of their practices, and there are more outlets than ever for continuing education and peer networking thanks to technology. All these are impacting MOMS membership.

Omaha is a remarkable place. We enjoy truly world-class health care facilities and training, awesome public education, a rich employment market, Fortune-500 employers, efficient and effective law enforcement and first responders, high end performing arts, and nearly unmatched philanthropic support for our community. Omaha is amazing. I love it.
I also love being a physician in our community. I take pride in my role as a public health care provider. It brings me joy that I am a trusted professional and a “go to” when someone needs help. I love my craft and the happiness it brings me when I help my patients. But, my love of medicine and the ability of physicians to help our community is being challenged. I worry about the changing business aspects of medicine, about moving targets for quality measurements, about my continuing education requirements, and about peers feeling isolated and burning out. More often than not, I worry about managed health care continuing to evolve toward physicians having less control over patient care.

This is where MOMS membership is important. Since 1866, the Metro Omaha Medical Society has been a professional organization dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its member physicians in their roles as both providers and patient advocates. Some key benefits to MOMS membership include:

• Up to 10 percent COPIC Premium Reduction
• 15 percent Savings on AAA Membership & Auto Insurance

• Today’s health care community is growing increasingly segregated. Expand your professional network at member events that bring together physicians representing every specialty and practice environment.
• Several active peer groups, including Women in Medicine, Early Career Physicians and Retired Physicians provide additional social and networking opportunities.

• Get involved and strengthen your leadership skills by serving on one of our boards, task forces and committees. There are a variety of opportunities to expand your knowledge on topics of critical importance and pursue whatever it is you are passionate about.

• The Metro Omaha Legislative Committee works to shape policy and communicate with lawmakers representing the Omaha area on issues impacting the practice of medicine or health of our community.
• As a member you are able to participate in our annual caucus to identify key health care issues and provide guidance for the Nebraska Medical Association’s efforts.

• Whether you are in need of banking, legal or tax advice, desire a free second opinion on your wealth management strategy, are seeking solutions to your practice management needs, members, through our Strategic Partners, have access to carefully selected industry professionals who work closely with health care and understand the unique needs of physicians and the health care community.

• Member physicians, their staff and immediate family members have access to health and dental plans that were designed with the specific needs of physicians in mind.
As you plan your career path, manage your finances, and budget your time, please take a minute to discover all that MOMS has to offer our members. Omaha is a remarkable place with amazing physicians. Our community of physicians has a stronger voice working together through the Metro Omaha Medical Society.