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MOMS PODCAST – Health 101 External Link

A dozen changes that are easing physician burnout at Beth Israel (AMA) External Link

“Rebuilding More of Me” -Sourav Sengupta, MD, MPH PDF

An essay by Sourav Sengupta, MD, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry, detailing how he worked through issues of stress with the help of a therapist

“Treading Water but Drowning Slowly” -Ruth Riley, et. al. PDF

This paper provides an in-depth account of general practitioners’ (GPs) experiences of living and working with mental illness and distress, as part of a wider study reporting the barriers and facilitators to help-seeking for mental illness and burn-out, and sources of stress/distress for GP participants.

“Physicians aren’t ‘burning out.’ They’re suffering from moral injury” – Drs. Dean & Talbot PDF

Physicians on the front lines of health care today are sometimes described as going to battle. It’s an apt metaphor. Physicians, like combat soldiers, often face a profound and unrecognized threat to their wellbeing: moral injury.

CPT Coding Seminar Brochure 12.02.18 PDF

Event informational brochure and registration form.

Preventing Med School Suicides – An epidemic of deaths and the response by medical schools External Link

Peer Support in Anesthesia: Turning War Stories into Wellness PDF

Effective and accessible peer support is developing in many departments nationwide and can only be
expected to continue, given new regulatory requirements. As these programs develop, and research on
their effect continues, best practices will likely emerge.

Helping those who help others: Building an internal medicine resident wellness program PDF

The purpose of this article is to provide an outline of a burgeoning wellness program and related interventions carried out by
internal medicine residencies.

NAM Clinician Well-Being Knowledge Hub External Link