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What are the Significant Factors Associated with Burnout in Doctors? PDF

This meta-analysis study aim was to "identify and categorize key factors that are associated with burnout across various medical specialties and geographical locations."

Burnout Among US Medical Students, Residents, and Early Career Physicians Relative to the General US Population PDF

This study concludes that: Training appears to be the peak time for distress among physicians, but differences in the prevalence of burnout, depressive symptoms, and recent suicidal ideation are relatively small. At each stage, burnout is more prevalent among physicians than among their peers in the U.S. population.

If Every Fifth Physician is Affected by Burnout, What About the Other Four? Resilience Strategies of Experienced Physicians PDF

This study's purpose was to identify health-promoting strategies employed by experienced physicians in order to define prototypical resilience processes and key aspects of resilience-fostering preventive actions.

Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Balance Among US Physicians Relative to the General US Population PDF

This study found that burnout is more common among physicians than among other US workers. Physicians in specialties at the front line of care access seem to be at greatest risk.

Stability and Change in Burnout: A 10-year Follow-Up Study Among Primary Care Physicians PDF

Study results are as follows: The results of various stability and change models that were tested using structural equation modeling (SEM) indicated that demanding patient contacts lead to increased burnout among physicians. In addition, the findings suggested that about one quarter of the variance in physician’s actual burnout levels across one decade is accounted for by a stable component, whereas about three quarters is accounted for by a change component. Hence, physician burnout seems to be a rather chronic condition that may be aggravated by exposure to demanding patients.

Fear of Mental Health Diagnosis on Record May Keep Physicians From Seeking Care Article

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The Epidemic of Clinician Burnout: We Can Turn This Around! PDF

This powerpoint aims to identify features of a healthy work environment, list methods to prevent burnout, and develop a plan for Internal Medicine to maintain professional satisfaction.

Improving Wellness: Techniques for Building Resiliency PDF

Objectives of this presentation are to: discuss burnout, improving resiliency to improve health and reduce stress, and discuss various types of mindful practices (breating, MBSR, laughter, and gratitude).

Correlates of Physician Burnout Across Regions and Specialties: A Meta-Analysis PDF

Conclusions of this study are as follows: Although we could not infer causality, our findings suggest: (1) that EE represents the core burnout dimension; (2) that certain individual and organizational-level correlates are associated with reduced physician burnout; (3) the benefits of directing resources where they are most needed to physicians of different regions and specialties; and (4) a call for research to link physician burnout with performance.