Community Internship Program

2022 Community Internship Dates:

  • Monday, August 22 through Thursday, Aug 25th:  Shadowing opportunities available  (each shadowing experience is 2-3 hours)
  • Thursday, August 25th at 5:30 PM:  Banquet dinner for both Physicians and Interns 

About the Metro Omaha Medical Society Community Internship Program

The Community Internship Program was established by the Metro Omaha Medical Society in 1992 to foster communication and understanding between physicians and the community and business leaders who either work closely with physicians or whose decisions impact health care.  After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, we are please to once again offer this experience again.

This unique program is a two-way communication project designed as an information exchange to broaden the perspectives of all participants and establish ongoing and open communication. The goal is to strengthen communication and create a cooperative if not collaborative atmosphere for addressing these issues. Interns are provided the unique opportunity to shadow physicians, witness all aspects of care including patient examinations and procedures, consultations, interactions with medical team in a variety of practice environments. The program culminates with a dinner where interns and physicians share their experiences. Interns gain an understanding of the human concerns of physicians and the challenges they face through firsthand experience. Physicians gain input from a broad spectrum of community representatives. 

Why is the program important?

Few things impact the state of Nebraska and its residents more than healthcare – whether it is issues related to access, quality or cost of care – no doubt it is something that impacts all Nebraskans.  At the Metro Omaha Medical Society, our member physicians understand that to positively impact healthcare, it is necessary to communicate as well as foster cooperation and collaboration with any legislative, community and business leaders.

Who participates?

Interns: Invitations are extended to lawmakers, business/community leaders and other professionals who affect or carry out policy with an impact on the practice of medicine or delivery of health care. If you are interested in serving as an intern, or would like to suggest someone to serve as an intern, please contact Laura Polak

Physicians: MOMS physician members participate on a volunteer basis to serve as preceptors and be shadowed by the community interns.  Physicians interested in participating, please complete the registration form below.

Time commitment

Interns and physicians have the option of selecting a single shadowing experience or up to four experiences over a four day period based upon their availability.  We request 2-3 hours of availability for each shadowing opportunity.  

We also ask that all interns and physicians be available to attend the banquet dinner on the final evening of the program.

Community Internship Physician Registration

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