Become a member and be part of a unique and collaborative group of physicians dedicated to continually improving the practice of medicine and the health of our community.  Align yourself with an organization that understands your diverse and changing needs and can provide you with a roadmap to success – however you choose to define it.

Connect & Collaborate

Today’s health-care environment is increasingly segregated.  Choose to be a part of the a unique organization the brings together physicians representing every medical specialty and every type of practice environment.  Connect and collaborate with your peers to affect positive change; be a champion for each other and your profession; or even to strengthen your referral network.

Pursue Your Passion

Remember what inspired you to become a physician.  Opportunities abound through our boards, committees and task forces, as well as our community programs and events that can serve as a pathway to greater personal or professional fulfillment.


Build leadership experience or enhance your leadership skills.  Physicians actively involved in their professional associations often go on to greater leadership roles within their organizations, health systems or on a statewide or even national level. 

Make Your Voice Heard

When it comes to the discussions and decisions that will impact your patients, the quality of care and how you practice medicine – as the saying goes, “You can either be at the table or potentially served up on it.”  Which will you be?  Make your voice heard – within our organization, legislatively and as advocates for your patients and your profession.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat 

Healthcare is a road filled with rapid change.  Will you be a passenger or a driver?  Join the Metro Omaha Medical Society and put yourself in the driver’s seat.



Medical Students:

Medical Students who are members of your student chapter of the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Nebraska Medical Association (NMA), are also a member of the Metro Omaha Medical Society at no additional cost.  For more information on medical student membership, please contact Laura Polak.

Residents & Fellows:

Your membership includes both the Metro Omaha Medical Society and the Nebraska Medical Association at an annual cost of $30 (membership year is July 1 – June 30).


Your membership includes both the Metro Omaha Medical Society and the Nebraska Medical Association.  Annual dues are based upon the completion of residency and/or fellowship:

First year in practice – $167.50
Second year in practice – $256.00
Third year in practice – $379.00
Fourth year in practice – $527.00
Five or more years in practice – $680.00
Associate (retired)  – $74.00

NOTE:  After June 30, dues are assessed at 50% for the remainder of the calendar year.


Available to physicians who have practiced a minimum of 25 years, are no longer practicing medicine and do not intend to practice again in the future.  Requires a current active membership at the time of retirement.  Annual dues for membership in the Metro Omaha Medical Society only are $35.00.  Membership in the Metro Omaha Medical Society and the Nebraska Medical Association is $74.00.  Contact Laura Polak.


Available to physicians who no longer practice and do not intend to return to practice and either: have practiced a minimum of 40 years or who are no longer able to practice due to illness or disability.  Requires a current active membership at the time of retirement.  All dues are waived.  Contact Laura Polak.

Apply for Membership Online  or  Print a Membership Application