Physicians Bulletin

March/April 2023 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Football and Academics
Advice on Confrontational Patients
Assistance Funds Hit Their Mark

January/February 2023 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Dr. Auen: Pathology is His Thing
Infectious Disease Fellowship Slots Go Unfilled
A Computer Compromise

November/December 2022 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Advocacy Resources
Retirement Preparation
The Importance of Immunizations

September/October 2022 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Long COVID: Seeking Answers
Improving Asthma Care
Lessons Learned at Student-Run Clinics

July/August 2022 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Countering Terrorism
Streamlining Membership in NMA
Medical Missions "Fill Your Cup"

May/June 2022 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Returning to School was by Career Design
Traveling the Fast Track
Pandemic Impact on Pediatrics

March/April 2022 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Exploring All Options for Battling Staffing Shortages
Making Music Their Way
Orthopedics and COVID-19–Challenges Faced and Opportunities to Improve Care

January/February 2022 Physicians Bulletin PDF

How MOMS’ New President Plans to Champion the Medical Society
Targeting Allergic Reactions to the Covid Vaccine
Classes are in Session
Changes Add to Stark Law Complexity

November/December 2021 Physicians Bulletin PDF

A Place Just for Physicians: MOMS R+R Wellness Center
Ready to Activate: Omaha Metropolitan Healthcare Coalition
Communication is Key When Treating Refugees

September/October 2021 Physicians Bulletin PDF

An Interventional Radiologist Describes What Could Be
Emergency Rooms: Looking Back and Forward
Talking About Their Mental Health
Proposed NMA Bylaws Impact