Physicians Bulletin

July/August 2021 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Incoming House Officers: Their First Time on Campus
‘No Need to Go It Alone’
They Watch High School Football with a Purpose
Drs. Blatchford’s and Bruce’s New Roles

May/June 2021 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Making an Impact on the Douglas County Health Board
Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte Campaign
Healthcare's Role in Omaha Athletic Events
On the Road: Rural Outreach

Mar/Apr 2021 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Rise in Medical School Applications - Pandemic Driven?
Their Travelogue During COVID-19
MIPPA - Strengthening Independent Practices
They Got Vaccinated- Without a Second Thought

Nov/Dec 2020 Physicians Bulletin PDF

A Return to Fitness: Dr. Seeman Talks About How She Came Back to a Healthy Lifestyle
Resisting the Urge: What to Consider Before Responding to Social Media
VA's New Ambulatory Care Center

Sept/Oct 2020 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Dr. Woodward Keeps Busy Keeping His Bees
Having a Baby in a Pandemic: A Story Worth Telling
Immunizations During COVID-19
COVID-19 and Health Disparities

July/August 2020 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin July/August 2020 Edition:
COVID-19: Rising to the Peak
How COVID-19 Has Forever Changed the Way We Care for Patients
How Our Health Systems Came Together to Battle COVID-19

May/June 2020 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin May/June 2020 Edition:
•MOMS in Action: How your Medical Society Impacts the Healthcare Community
•MOMS Response to COVID-19: A Welcome Call
•MOMS Foundation: PPE Drive Hits Home
•ECP Group Provides Time for Socializing, Networking

March/April 2020 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin March/April 2020 Edition:
•Dr. Anthone: Nebraska's Chief Medical Officer
•Healthier Homes=Better Health Outcomes
•How to Help Nebraskans Live Longer
•How - And Why - They Took Leadership Roles in MOMS

January/February 2020 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin January/February 2020 Edition:
•Maintaining the 'Good' in Medicine
•Scribes: Lessening the Documentation Burden
•The Linders' Approach to Philanthropy and Angel Investing
•Their Perspectives on Telemedicine 

November/December 2019 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin November/December 2019 Edition:
•Bringing Physicians & Lawmakers Together
•Change in Leadership: Continuity of Mission
•How They Came to Call Omaha their Home
•Direct Primary Care