Physicians Bulletin

November/December 2018 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin November/December 2018 Edition:
• Event Brings Student & Specialist Together
• Physicians Assistants: A matter of supervision
• A Focus on Bringing Medical Residents Together

September/October 2018 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin September/October 2018 Edition:
•Why Physicians Should be Involved in Their Government
•A Senator's Advice on Advocacy
•When Advocating: Your Testimony Carries Weight

July/August 2018 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin July/August 2018 Edition:
•"Do No Harm" Film Screening
•Retired Physicians' Group
•Practicing Medicine on her Schedule
•Not your Typical Patients

May/June 2018 Physicians Bulletin PDF

May/June 2018 issue of Physicians Bulletin
•Advice from Heart Surgeon Turned Developer
•Ergonomics: EHRs a Pain in the Neck?
•Without a Full Patient Load: Three Physicians' Stories

March/April 2018 Physicians Bulletin PDF

March/April 2018 issue of Physicians Bulletin
•Their Recipes for Living Healthy Lives
•More than the Loss of the Physicians' Lounge
•Battling Stress: Some Online Options

January/February 2018 Physicians Bulletin PDF

Physicians Bulletin January/February 2018 Edition:
•Earning CME Credits
•A Call for a Collective Voice
•Rethink Recruiting with Behavior-based interviews

Nov/Dec 2017 PDF

Physicians Bulletin November/December 2017 Edition:
•Create Connections & Combat Burnout
•Stories of Perseverance
•Nebraska's Chief Medical Officer
•A Cultural Look at Burnout

Sept/Oct 2017 PDF

Physicians Bulletin September/October 2017 Edition:
•She Now Prefers to Play the Flute
•From Burnout to Brave Enough
•Three Generations of Enjoying What They Do
•Local Physician Leadership Programs
•Patient-Centered Medical Home Delivers More Personalized Care

July/August 2017 PDF

Physicians Bulletin July/August 2017 Edition:
•The Importance of a Plan: Successful Practice Management Transition
•Emerging Technology: Changing the Art of Communication
•New Laws That Will Impact the Profession
•Online Patient Reviews: 'The New Word of Mouth'

May/June 2017 PDF