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2016 ACGME Symposium on Physician Well-Being External Link

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) recently convened its second symposium on physician well-being. The meeting brought together 150 stakeholders from inside and outside the medical continuum to promote a scholarly approach to wellness interventions and to provide guidance to the ACGME on how to best utilize its "levers of influence" to effect positive change.

Work Hours and Caseload as Predictors of Physician Burnout: The Mediating Effects by Perceived Workload and by Autonomy PDF

Study results are as follows: As expected, workload predicted higher levels of global burnout and physical fatigue, while autonomy predicted lower levels of global burnout. Work hours and caseload predicted global burnout only indirectly, via their effects on either perceived workload or autonomy. These findings suggest that public policies, designed to reduce physician work hours in order to reduce burnout and improve patients’ safety, should take into account physician perceived workload and autonomy.

Stability and Change in Burnout: A 10-year Follow-Up Study Among Primary Care Physicians PDF

Study results are as follows: The results of various stability and change models that were tested using structural equation modeling (SEM) indicated that demanding patient contacts lead to increased burnout among physicians. In addition, the findings suggested that about one quarter of the variance in physician’s actual burnout levels across one decade is accounted for by a stable component, whereas about three quarters is accounted for by a change component. Hence, physician burnout seems to be a rather chronic condition that may be aggravated by exposure to demanding patients.

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