Committees & Boards

We strive to engage our members in the activities and causes for which they are most passionate.

Looking for an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact?  Want to help shape the future of health care and the practice of medicine?  Desire to address issues that impact the health of our community?  Seeking ways to expand your scope of experience and strengthen your leadership skills?

Participating on one of our boards or committee can provide you a creative and rewarding outlet that exposes you to a broad range of providers that share you interests and passion.

Contact Laura Polak to discuss your areas of interest and current opportunities.



Board Leadership Opportunities

  • Board of Directors

    The board currently meets every other month on the first Monday from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.

    Board members serve a three year term with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

    Note: In order to serve on the board of directors, at least one year of prior service on another board or committee is required.

  • Editorial Board

    Help shape the Physician’s Bulletin magazine, and other member communications, including the web site as a part of this committee.

    This committee meets once every four months with additional email discussions as needed.

  • Foundation Board

    This board strives to make a difference in the Omaha community by awarding grants to local health care related causes.

    This board generally meets in the evening, three or four times per year.

Committee Leadership Opportunities

  • Early Career Physicians Planning Committee

    This group seeks to meet the unique needs of and further engage physicians in residency, fellowship or in their first few years of practice. Meeting schedule varies with meetings held both in person and via email.

  • Legislative Committee

    Provide input in the planning of the Society’s legislative activities by attending senator meetings and the Nebraska Medical Association House of Delegates resolution process and lobbying efforts.

  • Membership Committee

    This committee develops new methods for membership recruitment, builds awareness of the benefits of membership and reviews membership applications for eligibility.

    Committee members must commit to attending at least two of the four in-person meetings (held quarterly on Thursdays at 7:00 am). The remainder of the monthly meetings are conducted via email.

  • Public Health Committee

    The Public Health Committee has taken an active role in addressing key public health concerns in the Omaha community. Past initiatives have included pediatric patients access to specialty healthcare and Nebraska Medicaid expansion. This committee meets quarterly at 7:00 am.

  • Task Force on Physician Burnout

    The task force has been responsible for formulating the medical society’s response to physician burnout in the greater Omaha area, including programming, online resources, an assessment to evaluate response to stresses, and peer support services.

  • Women in Medicine Planning Committee

    Assist in identifying meeting topics and activities for the Women in Medicine Group, an active group with varied interests.

If you are interested in serving or would like more information, please contact Laura Polak or call (402) 393-1415.