Physician Burnout

MOMS Physician Burnout Task Force

The Metro Omaha Medical Society has taken an active role in the community to address physician wellness, specifically burnout. With a task force assembled in 2016, MOMS physician leaders have prioritized the health and well-being of their peers to begin with the education of physicians. We have found reputable information that we think you will find helpful, whether you are searching for the causes and effects, or for interventions taking place around the country to ameliorate and prevent burnout.

Task force Mission:
“Ensure physicians are able to maintain and enhance their mental and overall well-being in order to enjoy their lives and provide top quality medical care.”

In addition to increasing resources available to providers, the task force has endorsed the implementation of a MOMS-sponsored assessment tool, made available to practicing physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students. Learn more about the MOMS Online Stress & Depression Screening


Physician Burnout Resources

Burnout Background: Catch up on the latest publications and resources to give you a more complete picture of the causes and effects of burnout on physician health and well-being. We have also added publications that have evaluated the effects of burnout on hospital and practice environments to this category.

Burnout Prevention & Intervention: Learn more about the programs and strategies that have been introduced to lessen physician burnout from physicians and hospital systems across the nation.