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In light of the increasing prevalence of physician burnout, the Metro Omaha Medical Society has taken the initiative to provide area physicians with an accessible, confidential, and time efficient way to both gauge stress and offer supportive resources. The Provider Wellness online assessment is a series of 39 questions (some yes/no, some on a Likert scale, and others are open-ended questions) developed by the Interactive Screening Program of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


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Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows

The Metro Omaha Medical Society has been awarded a grant that allows for medical students, residents, and fellows to obtain a pre-determined number telepsych sessions from a contracted provider group free of charge in order to increase the number of options they have when seeking care outside of their system of education.


The assessment questions are not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool, or to make any type of formal assessment.  Instead, your results will be evaluated by a third-party, out-of-state counselor, who will provide recommendations and point you to resources if needed.  This assessment is anonymous, and at no time will Metro Omaha Medical Society staff or any local health care organization, medical board, etc. see your results as linked to your name, contact information, or hospital affiliation. You may provide your email address, and only messages prompting you to check the assessment website for your assessment results and/or counselor communication will be sent to your email.


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