Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens after I submit the assessment?
Your completed assessment along with your login name will be made available to the counselor, who will review it and post a personal response to your account on the assessment website in the allotted time given at the end of the assessment. The response will include information, recommendations, and options for next steps. If you provide your email address, an email will be sent to you notifying you that communication is available for you to read at the time that the response is posted. You are welcome to dialog with a counselor at that time via the assessment website or on the phone.

Q: Will anyone see my contact information if I choose to provide it?
Your identity will not be known to the counselor unless you decide to share it. At no time will your identity be known to the Metro Omaha Medical Society or to any health care entity. Communication is done through a site, which encrypts information and links your assessment only to your user name. Furthermore, any dialog between yourself and the counselor will be de-identified so that your identity remains anonymous.

Q: Who will see my completed assessment?
A contracted third-party counselor will review your assessment and respond. The reviewing counselor will see the username that you created along with your responses to the assessment. Your identity is completely protected unless you choose to share identifying information, and you may remain anonymous during the review and referral processes. At no time will Metro Omaha Medical Society staff see your assessment as connected to your name, email address, or other contact information.

Q: Why should I provide my email?
First of all, your email is encrypted and will not be revealed to anyone, including the counselor. If you choose to provide your email address, it will be the direct method for you to receive correspondence regarding the outcome of the assessment and any correspondence with a counselor. If you do not provide your email, you will need to log in to the site to check for assessment results. Providing your email will also give you the opportunity to take part in follow-up surveys. If you provide your email address, it will be encrypted in the system and will not be revealed under any circumstances.

Q: I do not want to reveal my identity; can I still get help?
Yes. You can dialogue with the counselor using your username as your only identifying information. Or, you can call or meet with a counselor and you do not need to ever give your name, etc.

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